Wednesday, April 28, 2010

M.I.A. in San Antonio

since sometime last August.  Life got in the way you know, it happens to the best.  Tumultous months, but the light at the end of the tunnel of suburbabn living is looming brighter daily.  Neighborhood yard sale this weekend will hopefully bring lots of traffic to re-home some of the shackles of domesticity we call furniture as we inventory and pack for Big Sky Country. Can I hear a WHOOT! WHOOT!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tecate Maurice, you are a friend of mine,

I sure would like to share with you a little salt and lime one more time.

Monday, July 13, 2009

a few more projects . . .

DONE!! whoot! whoot! man oh man this stash bustin' stuff feels gooood! getting rid of the fabric that's been hanging around!
Miss Squish shirt--made up pattern
and a tummy shot! which is, of course, HILARIOUS!!
little blue-jean bag with 3 different pockets for goodies for N3's bakugons (some little round transformer-type toys)
which would make an adorable little wristlet if I just attach the handles the other way to go with the newest, throw-in-everything bag ;)
holds a lot stuff huh?

a proper square knot

looks like this.
simple as pie, right? maybe, but please make sure you've got it really snug when attempting this!
I *thought* that I had done a video this morning showing how I get Miss Squish in her favorite sweet spot back there as well as step-by-step of the square knot, but my camera battery went dead half-way through apparantly, so the video will be added a bit later today;)

daddy's girl

happy as a pig in poo!

a tiny little visitor . . .

came by the laundry room for a quick visit. so we scooped him up in a glass bowl to keep the kitty or sweet Tinker from eating him.
he was smaller than a newton cookie!
and we weren't all sure what to think of him at first
but with big bro's help, Miss Squish decided he was the funniest little thing around!

only in Alpine . . .

would this be not only an appropriate wedding gift, but a requested and registered for one! well, the shells were registered for, the hot pads I made to match the dinnerware they registered for;)

look mama, the rose petals . . .

are painting the porch.

Friday, July 10, 2009

when they started talking about stimulus packages . . .

the Brazilians brought out their secret weapon! Barack and 'Kozy caught sneaking a peek at 17-year-old booty. tsk, tsk, gentlemen. The least they could do is secretly fly away to Argentina to ogle that!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

a bit of Independence Day goodness . . .

leaving for the parade that was postponed until after the rain (yes, a haircut is in order soon, a dye job too if anyone wants to scholarship one for me! ha!)
N3 practicing high kicks ;) while Miss Squish snoozes
and still snoozing as the parade approaches. Check out the puddles from Independance Day downpour!
at the park for the festivities having a quick sip of water from her favorite honey bear and cotton candy for N3! I Swear we had brisket burritos and nectarines first! and without further ado . . . . .the sparklers!!!!

hhmmmmm, strawberries . . .

can't get enough of those silly things!
They eat them until their fingers and faces are stained pink or their tummies are full or until they are just gone, whichever comes first. Usually picked up when on sale for 2/$5 and both pints GONE in less than 24 hours, always.

some recent repurposing . . .

aka, using up the fabric stash as fast as possible getting ready for a move.
a few of N3's shirts that were too small for him and too masculine as is for Miss Squish
became . . .
a dress w/ blue jean skirt and apron
and a tank top
and an old Popeye shirt altered to N3's size (he's saying "I eats my spinach!")
some jeans-turned bag with super handy pockets all around;)
and a strip quilt for Miss Squish
she's zonked after all that!