Tuesday, June 23, 2009

cloth-a-holic confessions

It's true, in the quest to become a Domestic Diva, a cloth addiction has reared it's ugly head. Seeing N3 when he was wearing them & now watching Miss Squishy playing on her fluffy, cloth diapered little bum *still* just does something for me. Inspiration for creativity perhaps? Seeing her rainbow of dipes drying on the line just makes a mama smile! The crochet hooks have been hard at whipping up summer wool to cover our make-do dipes because she's growing like a weed!
Replacing the flats she's outgrown with flannel receiving blankets and t-shirt sheets cut to size and folded origami style and doubled with an infant pre-fold or too small flat has been taking care of business, but man-oh-man some hemp/cotton jersey or terry would be really nice. Or some hemp/cotton fleece while where dreaming, huh?
However, all the dreams of new cloth for diapers will not get all the fabric and yarn used, as per the New Years goals, or all the jeans, man's shirts, and t-shirts I have re-purposed. Only getting down to business with notebook, sticky notes, and scissors will get the projects planned and cut out, and only sitting down behind the machine and working out the ideas running rampant will get the projects DONE.
Anyway, isn't Miss Squish adorable in her sweet pink diaper/flannel receiving blanket?
just a few seconds later, with mama made wool cover ;), letting the whole neighborhood know how mistreated she is for not getting to play with the camera
and about 60 seconds later, exhausted and finally giving in to a rest