Friday, November 20, 2009

Tecate Maurice, you are a friend of mine,

I sure would like to share with you a little salt and lime one more time.
This is something I feel drawn to post because as we have been pulled from our first home to start new adventures near the Big City. We also left my best friend behind. I feel so incredibly stupid for not listening to The Braves Fan when he leaned on me quite heavily to have the little man cremated when he passed on. It happened in the wee hours of the morning during the early weeks of my pregnancy with Little Miss Squish, and I was still sooo sick, barely surviving on gatorade, hard candy and whatever the Doc had prescribed to try out that particular week following IV fluids for the hyperemises gravidarum. The Braves Fan tried to wake me up, told me something was going on with Tecate and that he didn't think he'd make it through the night. Maybe I thought I was hallucinating or having a nightmare because of the anti-puking drugs, but it just didn't register. There I laid, sprawled across N3's bed in nothing but a robe, head hanging over the side and into a bucket, towel from the shower catching anything that didn't make the bucket while my best friend since my freshman year of high school slipped away. I don't even remember the day of the week, much less the date as it's still all a haze of showers, praying, puking & praying some more. It was still surreal when The Braves fan helped me walk out to cover his grave under his favorite shady mimosa tree in the backyard and the hollow ache remains still today. It's of course a bittersweet pain, knowing he's now chasing cats in Heaven, waiting for me. Anyway, this post is for you Tecate. You made many o' miles with your crazy mama, sticking to my heel through the fun times & licking my tears through the tough ones. May the road go on forever and the party never end for you my sweet, unforgettable little man.