Monday, June 22, 2009

Reaching for the stars

Goals that we set for the Fam back when we rang in the '09 year

1. As a family, we want to live a 'Greener', less packaged life-style and continue toward becoming more self-sufficient. Just thinking about how good all the whole food is going to be for the kids is inspiring and knowing exactly what is in their peanut butter and their body lotion, WOW! This will be one pround Diva if we can pull it off! This means we plan to do the following as often as we can afford in time, effort, and moolah.

  • Make things home-made/from scratch as we run out of pre-made/store bought. ie: huge batches of home-made spaghetti sauce to freeze or can, home-made bread, tortillas, chips, crackers, bagels, salsas, shave lotion, laundry detergeant, etc etc
  • Recycle garbage & start compost pile/worm bin
  • Replacing disposable things with re-usable
  • Dry all laundry on the line
  • Plant and harvest our garden
  • leaving a
  • few
  • spaces b/c I know I'll come back and edit with more
  • 33
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2. Pay off as much Debt as possible. ie--make do without, make home-made or trade other goods/services before buying

3. Keep up w/ the family. ie--send cards, pictures, updates, & gifts when appropriate at all holidays and/or at least once a month

4. Family Scraps--ie--get family photo albums going and start scrapbook/memory box for both monkeys

5. Use up fabric and yarn reserves ASAP